Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sardinia and Sicily. It lies 65 km from Turkey’s southern coast.

The total area of the island is approximately 9,252 sq km, but North Cyprus covers a total area of 3,515 sq. km or nearly one third of the whole island. It is some 242 km wide and 64 km deep approximately at its extreme points

Since the division of Cyprus in 1974 the Turkish Cypriots have lived in the northern part of the island while Greek Cypriots live in the south.

The main income in North Cyprus is from tourism although Citrus fruits, olives and other crops are widely exported.


North Cyprus useful contacts:

Police: 155

Ambulance: 112

Fire: 199

State Hospitals:

Kyrenia: 815 2266 / 815 2254

Nicosia: 228 5441

Famagusta: 366 2876 / 366 5328





Kyrenia is a cultural and economical centre, described as the tourism capital of Northern Cyprus. It is home to numerous hotels, Restaurants, nightlife and a port. It hosts an annual culture and arts festival with hundreds of participating artists and performers.


The tranquil and beautiful village of Bellapais stands in the Kyrenia mountain range, some four miles from North Cyprus’ coast. With breathtaking views, tiny streets and ancient buildings around every corner, the village has changed little since it was immortalized by Lawrence Durrell in the 1950s.


Known as the “walled City “Famagusta is home to the biggest University on the North of the Island.  A major port city, it is also enriched in history. Together with its surrounding areas it has the best historical ruins on the Island.


The city is the economic, political and cultural centre of Northern Cyprus, with many shops, restaurants and shopping malls. It is home to a historic walled city, centred on the Sarayönü Square, and a modern metropolitan area, with the Dereboyu region as its centre of business and entertainment.